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A Senior Placement Solution can assist seniors and their families to become informed about the various options available to them.

Choosing the right senior living facility for parents who have always taken good care of us can be difficult. Where to begin? Busy, full lives sometimes leave little time to do the necessary research in finding appropriate housing options. Financial issues may be a concern. Medical issues need to be evaluated.

A Senior Placement Solution is one resource that can assist in making decisions about housing and care options.

We have helped guide families through this transition since 1990 with experience, knowledge and compassion. A Senior Placement Solution offers choices in finding appropriate senior housing options. If you are seeking the best possible care setting for your loved one and don't know where to begin, perhaps we can assist.

A Senior Placement Solution provides you and your family FREE assistance with senior housing options and funded by the industry. We can make unfamiliar requirements understandable and find the best senior housing options for you and your family member.

About Terri

Terri Stewart founded A Senior Placement Solution for seniors in 2002. She has been a life-long resident of Wenatchee, Cashmere Valley. Terri has been an active member of the geriatric care community in Chelan, Douglas country since 1990. While administrator at an Alzheimer facility, she and her team received a deficiency-free survey from the State of Washington in June 2001. Terri has been an Assistant Administrator of an assisted living facility and has marketed the services of senior homes. She is using her education and experience to meet the unique needs of her clients. A FREE service"

Terri can make unfamiliar requirements understandable and help you find the best senior housing options for you and/or your loved one.